Please Stop Abusing Ruby Memoization

March 18, 2021

I've seen Ruby's memoization taken a license with many times, I've even done it myself, so it's good to keep ourselves grounded in the right abstractions to help us understand that another tool could be a better fit for use. For the uninitiated, memoization refers to storin...

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Tips For Writing ADRs Well

December 6, 2020

Architecture Decision Records (ADRs) have been a part of my everyday workflow for over a year now and along the way I've learned that the most important thing about writing ADRs, especially when working with different teammates who have vastly different writing styles (o...

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ADRs Are Love Letters To Your Co-Workers

May 12, 2020

Brief mention: this article primarily covers why Architecture Decision Records (ADRs) are so wonderful, but if you are more interested in the how and when then I suggest reading my follow-up post (soon to come) which contains many of the best practice...

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